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There is a lot of skepticism out over the world that whether eBay will be able to monetize voice traffic called Skype. What type of risk you see by ad

There is a lot of skepticism out over the world that whether eBay will be able to monetize voice traffic called Skype. What type of risk you see by ad

Yes ebay will be able to and will certainly monetize voice traffic using skype
The Internet users are increasing exponentially over the world ands internet market in penetrating deeper and deeper in people's daily life Risks in relation to the addition of voice traffic on ebay can be as follows

1.) Duplication and modification of voice bits can be done, so they must ensure that the voice bits should be transferred using encryption only

2.) Customers are required to have a faster internet connectivity to avail the service, as most services available in developing countries like India, Vietnam, Kenya, Thailand, etc are not so fast

E-bay be successful in the long run? Why or why not?
e-Bay will definitely have success in long run because people are adapting the use of technology, now people are more technology oriented. People don't want to waste their time in shopping outside; they want to do their shopping by seating at their home or office. People are getting more variety of products and brand at one place only, they can have all world brand at one place at low price.

Do you think a critical mass of seller needed in order for a company like e-bay to service? What steps should e-bay take to ensure seller critical

Yes certainly ebay require a separate set of mass which believe in online trading, as majority of people believe in purchasing after touch and feeling, also they doubt transferring the money online and afraid of frauds happening online. No doubt the percentage of people interested and believing in online trading are increasing. eBay should ensure the increase in such mass of people by following steps as under:
E-bay needs to charge less fee and commission changes to ensure critical mass of sellers. It has already seen reduction in no. of seller at the time of increase in fee and commission

Prompt dispute settlement: E-bay need to ensure prompt dispute settlement, because it takes time which lead to unsatisfied customers and seller, which is harmful for e-bay

Should advertise for the remake over services like rating for vehicles being sold on ebay motors

What are the problems, which E-bay is currently facing? How e-bay is trying to solve there problems? Are there any other solutions that e-bay should c

Problems which e-bay currently facing are:

  • eBay’s top sellers aren’t interested in adding voice calls to their sales models
  • eBay not be able to keep up with all the different laws found in each country
  • Problem of auction’s honesty and integrity
  • Customer service is also big problem for eBay has done a lot to try and solve these problems, some steps which has taken are :
It has done its expansion
Added extra measures of protection. One of these extra measures is the additional vehicle warranties and purchase protection up to $2000 on vehicles purchased through eBay
Tried to create a dialogue between customers, by creating different section for customer to write their comment on website

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